Following are some of the basic steps needed to make an impression at the interview:-

1 – DO RESEARCH Surf the website of the company (potential employer) to obtain as much information as possible  – the company’s History, Mission, products and services, business footprints, etc.

2 – LOOK YOUR BEST The key here is to look professional and not to distract the interviewer. Be comfortable with your appearance. Dress appropriately – Men should wear dress pants, long sleeve shirt with tie (optional – depending on the position applied). Ladies should wear a formal business suit or casual business attire (depending on the position applied) with covered toes shoes. Make sure that clothes are neat and pressed. Do not wear colors that are too loud. Grooming – • Hair should be neat and tidy. • Nails are to be neatly trimmed and clean. • For the men, a clean shave is important. • Use breath freshener. • Be careful of body odor. A little of perfume or cologne will do the job.

3 – EXUDE CONFIDENCE Be confident. Be at least 15 minutes early for the interview. Always give the interviewer a firm handshake and remember to look the person in the eyes. Relax and make the interviewer relax as well. If possible, engage him/her in some small talk. Show enthusiasm and be positive. Speak clearly and listen attentively. Be yourself.

4 – ASK QUESTIONS Ask questions as if you have already got the job, for example “How can I contribute to the growth of your organization?” and “How would a typical workday be?” Every employer would welcome anyone who wishes to contribute to the growth and success of their organization. 2 of 2

5 – TAKING NOTES You would stand out from the crowd if you were to be seen taking down notes at the interview. It demonstrates that you are really serious about the job, and take the effort to note down important points that were highlighted at the interview.

6 – CREATE INTEREST Tell the interviewer your vision, plans and goals of your career. If you do not have one, it may be time you should reflect and crystallize your thoughts on what you want to achieve in the next 3 or 5 years or even further.

7 – DEMONSTRATE INTEGRITY Be honest. Answer questions as honestly as possible. Do share your achievements and contributions to your previous companies/school but do not brag excessively. If possible, quantify these accomplishments in numbers and figures. Be ready to share your list of strengths and weaknesses. Do emphasize on your strengths and how you have learnt from your weaknesses.

8 – CONNECTION / CHEMISTRY Studies have shown that people tend to feel connected when they are linked with an emotional impression. It helps when your personalities click or both of you have common interests. Communicate appropriate body language to establish a connection with the interviewer. Your ability to connect with the interviewer can help you clinch the job.


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