seseorang teman menuliskan pesan ini padaku :

Eddie…Ferdy…yea whatever….
  Hows going man!!!…..
  Honest Edd…knowing you..recognizing you till this time makes our
relationship with you make me feeling a different color….hey i am not
trying to involved with my emotion.But that’s true….why i gave my body to
you? hehehe but I am enjoyed. Ok Edd….dont worry I need you such a
close friend. I have fun with you. What I want is I dont want someday
you have to said that being with me is the failure friendship. You nice
and i can be nice to you to even more…..
  You come from Regarding family as i Do. Ok.
  Dont worry i am a nice person…I always relax…fun and enjoy my due at
that time.
  I declare myself with i’ve controlled self already, coz i almost have
everything that I want, and I passed the hardfeeling life…being
rejected from someone…and i’d got broken heart at past. OK
  May our friendship will everlasting in happiness and sad even worst.
You such a nice person Edd.I accept you whatever you are…as you today
Well I thaught enough for this time……

hmmm… thx sobat.. 😉


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